About Us

About Us

Pristine Pools is a family owned and operated business operating out of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.  Pristine Pools built their foundation for success focusing on customer service and hard work.  Originally starting off as a small backyard maintenance cleaning service Pristine Pools has grown into one of Southeast Michigan’s largest swimming pool maintenance, repair and service companies.

During season Pristine Pools employee’s over 20 employees.  The Pristine team includes highly trained and skilled service technicians, detail oriented maintenance cleaning professionals and extremely organized and courteous office staff.  Everyone employed by Pristine Pools is a Certified Pool Operator by the National Swimming Pool Foundation and they all are very knowledgeable with the day to day operation of a swimming pool.    

David Ragland has an extensive background in the swimming pool business.  David began his career with swimming pools at the age of 14 when he worked as a chlorine carrier for a local swimming pool supply store in Farmington Hills, Michigan.  David quickly learned the business and enjoyed his part time position and by age 16 he was one of the stores top sales producers.  By the age of 18 David was promoted to a management position and was recognized with the Midwest regions award for customer service.  As David continued to work his way through school along with managing store operations he began to find his true love for swimming pool field work. 

At age 20 David found himself with a new employer and a new position as field operations supervisor for a very well known and respected Commercial Pool Management Company in Bloomfield, Michigan.  At his new position David was able to oversee the operation of nearly 100 commercial pools.  From here he dealt with everything from customer relations to major onsite repairs and installations.  David again had great success with his new employer and was well liked and respected by both other employees and customers.

After six wonderful years with his employer David decided it was time to pursue green pastures and venture into business with his sister.  Along with the help and support of both family and friends David and Stacy formed Pristine Pools Inc.

Stacy Ragland has spent her entire career in the service industry and throughout her entire career she has had huge success.  She began her impressive career at an early age working at a well known family restaurant in Farmington Hills, MI.  Stacy worked her way through school and after graduation from Central Michigan University she learned the importance of customer service and going the extra mile to please a customer.

After college Stacy continued her career in the service industry working Down River in a well known restaurant, then moving over to a hotel in Southgate and moving her way up to general manager of a hotel in Dearborn MI.  From there Stacy continued to work hard and made it all the way up the corporate ladder to become Vice President of one of the largest hotel franchise companies in the world.  Over the last 15 years Stacy has shown incredible leadership and work ethic, this has not gone overlooked.  Stacy has dozens of industry awards and certifications for both customer service and work performance. She has a strong background in management, sales, marketing, franchise sales and development, branding and customer relations.

Stacy has continually been successful so when the offer presented itself to go into business with her brother, Stacy was eager to help grow another thriving business.  Stacy realizes the importance of customer service.  “Whether it is the restaurant, hotel, or pool business, the one aspect to set you apart from the competition is the level of service you provide.  Pristine Pools will give you the service you expect and deserve”.

Pristine Pools Owners.  Knowing that no one can be an expert in everything, David and Stacy feel that they have combined both their areas of expertise to form the perfect business relationship.   Together they continue to work hard to always put their customers first.  “Pristine Pools has and always will focus on providing excellent customer service and hard work for each and every one of our clients”.

Kyle Kreason, our Chief Service Technician, has over thirteen years of experience in the swimming pool industry. Kyle has several swimming pool industry certifications and is a Nationally Certified Swimming Pool Service Technician. Kyle works year round with Pristine Pools.  Along with helping run our service division Kyle is constantly keeping up-to-date on current industry standards and regulations.  During the off season Kyle continues his swimming pool education by attending trade shows and conference seminars. 

Kyle attended Central Michigan University for graphic arts and design and also has a background in the service industry.  In addition to running our service division Kyle is actively involved in all operations of running Pristine Pools.  Kyle has a great eye of detail and an extremely positive attitude.  Along with everyone at Pristine Pools Kyle's #1 goal is customer satisfaction.