Detailed Communication Checklist

Pool Cleaning

Pristine Pools knows that all good relationships revolve around solid communication.  We feel it is extremely important to keep our customers well informed of the condition of their swimming pool.  Upon completion of every maintenance visit our highly trained staff will leave behind a detailed maintenance checklist which records the following:

  • Main drain setting
  • Skimmer setting
  • Flow meter reading (if applicable)
  • Filter PSI
  • Sanitizer setting
  • Pump run time
  • Water temperature
  • Air temperature
  • Weather conditions
  • All chemical readings

In the addition to what is list above our checklists will record any chemical applications made or recommended.  We will record any possible concerns or repairs needed or suggested. In the event of any majors concerns Pristine Pools will immediately notify the customer.  Pristine Pools will make sure that you are aware of everything regarding your swimming pool!