Commercial Pool Opening

  • Water is pumped off the top of pool cover.
  • Leaves and debris are removed off the cover and bagged for garbage pick up.
  • The winter cover and water tubes are removed (the swimming pool is drained and cleaned only if needed).
  • Pool winter cover and water bags are lightly washed and rinsed off.  (Complete cleaning and power washing of cover is available).
  • Pool cover and water tubes are folded and stored onsite (offsite storage also available).
  • The pool deck is hosed and blown off to help prepare the pool for the busy pool season ahead.
  • All deck equipment including ladders, handrails, diving boards, and light fixtures are reinstalled in the swimming pool.
  • All filtration and skimmer baskets are installed back in their proper place.
  • All water flow directional inlets are reinstalled into the pool.
  • The pool will be left filling at the customer’s request (it is recommended that an onsite resident monitors the initial pool fill).
  • All outdoor plumbing lines and plumbing equipment that was winterized is reinstalled for the season.

Pristine Pools Commercial Start-up

  • Operational filtration equipment that may have been disconnected at winterization is reinstalled. 
  • All drain plugs that had been removed at winterization are secured back into place for the new season’s operation.
  • A complete inspection is done of the pump, motor, filter, heater, automatic chemical feeder, automatic pool cleaner, automated controller systems, tile, coping stones and the pool deck.
  • The system is primed, tested and left running off the main drain and the pool skimmer.
  • A detailed opening checklist will be preformed (any problems or concerns will be immediately reported to management).
  • The pool is vacuumed and then brushed.
  • A complete water test is completed and the pool is treated with its initial chemical treatment.