Commercial Pool Services

Pre-Season Services

Pre-season opening procedures for your pool are extremely important.  In addition to water balance and filtration there are several other important components to your pools opening.   Swimming pool enclosure, safety equipment, 911 phone and the bathhouse along with many others need to be in compliance in order to guarantee Health Department Seasonal Opening Approval.  It is now required in all Michigan Counties that commercial pools are inspected by the County prior to the pools opening.  Pristine Pools Pre-Season Service will help ensure a timely pool opening.  The following will be preformed at the Pre-Season Service:

  • Water will be chemically balanced into proper range.
  • Pool deck will be thoroughly cleaned and weeded.
  • Pool furniture will be removed from storage and arranged on deck (must be stored onsite).
  • All safety equipment will be thoroughly inspected for state compliance.
  • We will make certain all required signage is onsite and visible per State regulations.
  • Bathhouse will be inspected; we will ensure the facility meets State requirements.
  • Detailed checklist is preformed; any issues will be immediately reported to management.
  • We will schedule and attend the opening Health Department Inspection.

Post-Season Services

At the end of the pool season it is essential that your pool and all the pool components are properly closed and stored for the winter.  Pristine Pools understands it would be a misuse of money to have to replace things every year.  Our Post Season Service will help make sure pool equipment, signage and safety devices are stored appropriately for the winter season.  The following will be preformed at the Post Season Service:

  • Inventory and inspect all pool chemicals.
  • Inventory and inspect all pool cleaning equipment.
  • Inventory and inspect all safety supplies and signage.
  • Equipment pump room and chemical storage areas will be organized and cleaned.
  • Swimming pool and pool deck enclosure will be thoroughly inspected for any needed repairs.
  • All pool patio furniture will be organized and stored onsite (offsite storage available).
  • A detailed closing inspection will be completed and submitted to management.

Bathhouse Facility Services

Pristine Pools knows that often times the bathhouse gets overlooked.  The bathhouse should not be overlooked, just like the swimming pool it needs to remain clean and safe all season long.  Pristine Pools bathhouse responsibilities include the following:

  • Sweep and mop floors
  • Clean and sanitize toilets
  • Clean and sanitize showers
  • Clean mirrors and windows
  • Re-stock supplies as needed
  • Empty waste containers